Fenway Park, Boston


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The Future Fenway Design Symposium was a ten-day event jointly sponsored by two energetic and resourceful citizens groups, Save Fenway Park! And the Fenway Community Development Corporation in August 2000. Philip Bess (working with Fenway CDC architect Arturo Vasquez of SAS Design, Boston) coordinated the charrette work of a talented group of local and outside professional experts (including Howard Decker, Rolando Llanes, Patrick Pinnell, Kevin Klinkenberg, Robert Barrero, and Travis Vaughan, who with Bess constituted the “Fenway 7″), whose proposals for both a “preserved and rehabilitated” and a “reconstructed on site” Fenway Park (and for the accompanying neighborhood melioration and development issues) demonstrated the advantages–to the neighborhood, the City, the taxpayers of Massachusetts, sports fans throughout the country, AND the Red Sox–of the Sox remaining with their current ballpark, improved, on their current site.